Maryland @ AEJMC, 2018

UPDATE: Congratulations to Ph.D. student Rhys Lym for 3rd place in the Three Minute Thesis Competition at the AEJMC awards! His winning essay is titled: "What Do You Mean Sorry?: The Impact of Culture on Crisis Responses."

Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will participate in meetings and present research at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). The meeting will take place in Washington, DC, from August 6-9.

Associate Professor Brooke Liu, co-author of "Exploring Differences in Crisis Literacy and Efficacy on Behavioral Responses During Infectious Disease Outbreaks."

Doctoral student Sarah Aghazadeh, “Recovery Warriors”: The National Eating Disorder Association’s Online Public and Rhetorical Vision."

Doctoral student Brooke Fowler, “The Internal Angle of Policy-Worn Body Cameras: A Homo Narans Approach to Understanding Patrol Officer Perceptions of Body Cameras."

Doctoral student Jungkyu Rhys Lim, “How Public Relations Builds Mutually Beneficial Relationships: Public Relations’ Role in Creating Shared Value (CSV)."

Professor Elizabeth Toth, Panelist: "Ethics, Diversity, A Required Course, New Content Recommendations and More from the Commission on Public Relations Education."

Professor Linda Aldoory, Panelist, "Research at the intersections of Public Relations, Health and Science: Paths for Publishing and Research Opportunities."

Associate Professor Sahar Khamis, Panelist, "On the “Other Side:” How to be a Good Advisor to Your (International) Graduate Students from an Ethical, Feminist Perspective," and "Forecasting Avenues for Religion and Media Research."

Assistant Professors Kang Namkoong and Jiyoun Kim and doctoral student Samantha Stanley, "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone: Emotional Support and Health Outcomes of Low-Income Adults."

Assistant Professor Jiyoun Kim, "The Meaning of Numbers: Effect of Social Cues Perceived as Bandwagon Heuristic in Online News."

Incoming Assistant Professor Sun Young Lee, co-author, "The Effect of Soliciting Consumer Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns," and co-author, "The Co-Creation of Shared Value: What Motivates the Public to Engage with Participatory Corporate Social Responsibility Activities."



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