Brooke Fisher Liu and Ph.D. student Abbey Blake Levenshus co-author study

Assistant professor Brooke Fisher Liu and Ph.D. student Abbey Blake Levenshus are co-authors of a study that appears in the August 2010 issue of Communication Theory. Their study explores comparisons of communication practices and the status of professional development among the four levels of U.S. government organizations through a survey of 781 government communicators. The study identifies six significant differences and two similarities in how the public sector environment affects communication practices at the city, county, state, and federal levels. The findings were applied to a modification of the government communication decision wheel, a model that offers a theoretical foundation for the study of government communication within its unique environmental context free from the bias of corporate-centric research assumptions. 

Citation: Horsley, J.S., Liu, B.F., & Levenshus, A.B. (2010). Comparisons of U.S. government communication practices: Expanding the government communication decision wheel. Communication Theory, 20,269-295.

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