New Graduate Certificate Program

The Department of Communication is pleased to announce its new Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Professional Communication for Enhanced English Fluency (EEF), offered at the University of Maryland, College Park.

You can pursue this program online or on​-campus. Individuals can pursue the program part time or full time. It is available to U​.​S​​​.​ and international applicants (

The new EEF program will serve both native and non-native speakers of English who want to build professional language skills for effective and meaningful communication. Students will focus on presenting clarity in writing (through principles of grammar and style ​ as well as vocabulary building​), speaking (principles of ​public speaking​ and speech writing​)​, and pronunciation and diction in English​.

We are now accepting applications for the EEF program. Classes will begin in the Fall of 2017. We welcome full-time and part-time students, ​as well as U​.​S​.​ and international students. Application deadlines include:

International Students: March 12, 2017

U​.​S​.​ Students: May 17, 2017

The EEF graduate certificate includes two semesters, 18 credits, and 6 courses (3 courses in Fall, 3 in Spring). Courses strengthen skills in speaking and writing across a diverse set of contexts: critical thinking and vocabulary development. ​Required courses include Rhetoric and Style, Rhetoric and Context, and Rhetoric and Voice. Courses will be offered on-campus and online.

A bachelor's degree is required to enter the program.  ​To learn more, visit or contact: Dr. Shawn J Parry-Giles, Professor and Chair, Department of Communication,


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