Graduate Research Interaction Day, 2015

Graduate students in Communication have a long history of successful participation in the annual Graduate Research Interaction Day at the University of Maryland. 2015 was no different--nine COMM Ph.D. students presented their research on Wednesday, April 8. Three students received awards for their presentations: Stephanie Madden and Timothy Penn both received first place awards; Michael Steudeman received a second place designation.

Megan Fitzmaurice, "We Need More Arguments in More Places: The History of Academic Debate in Afghan Universities"

Michelle Futerfas, "Exploring the Decision to Disclose an Unintended Pregnancy: A Theoretical Consideration"

Kimberley J. Hannah, "Reimaging 'The Situation Room': Memes of an Ambiguous Political Image"

William Howell, "'To Honor Someone Else's Path:' Lessons in Identification from Ally Actors"

Stephanie Madden, "Alerting a Campus Community: Emergency Notification from a Public’s Perspective"

Timothy Penn, "Stakeholder Management in a Military Organization: An Exploration"

Devin Scott, "Losing to Win: Politics as Usual in the Political Machine"

Michael Steudeman, "Charles Sumner's Educational Imaginary: The Chronotopic Classroom in Reconstruction-Era Policy Argument"

Bo Yang, "The Influence of Social Norms on College Drinking: Considering the Role of Regulatory Mode"

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