Maryland@ICA, 2013

UM Faculty, Graduate Students to Present Research at London Conference

UM Department of Communication faculty members and graduate students will present research and participate in meetings at the 49th annual meeting of the International Communication Association, June 17-21, 2013 in London, U.K.

Professor Edward L. Fink is the co-author of a paper entitled "Culture and Intercultural Experience as Predictors of Decision-Making Styles." He is also the co-author of "A Multidimensional Analysis of Reactance, Restoration, and Cognitive Structure." And Fink, along with associate professor Meina Liu, are co-authors of "A Longitudinal Study of Person-Culture Fit: Galileo Mental Models and Intercultural Adaptation Processes."

Associate professor Brooke Fisher Liu and lecturer Deepa Anagondahalli are co-authors of a paper entitled "Scale Development for Measuring Publics' Emotions in Organizational Crises."

Associate professor Xiaoli Nan will participate in a roundtable discussion of "Message Strategies and Risk Percpetions: Health Messages, Cognitive Processing, and Behavioral Outcomes." Also participating in this session is Ph.D. student Adam Richards. Nan and Ph.D. student Kelly Madden will present a paper entitled "The Role of Cultural Worldviews and Message Framing in Shaping Public Opinions toward the HPV Vaccination Mandate." They will also present a research paper entitled "Biased Assimilation and Need for Closure: Examining the Effects of Mixed Blogs on Vaccine-Related Beliefs." Nan and Ph.D. students Bo Yang and Irina Iles are co-authors of a paper entitled "Effectiveness of Cigarette Warning Labels: Exploring the Impact of Graphics, Message Framing, and Temporal Framing."

Assistant professor Anita Atwell Seate is the co-author of "Understanding the Media's Role in Immigration Attitudes: An Experimental Test of Intergroup Threat Theory."

Assistant professor Erich Sommerfeldt will present two papers entitled "The Challenge of Social Capital: Public Relations in the Public Sphere, Civil Society, and Democracy" and "Social Media Silos and Civil Society: A Role for Public Relations in Contemporary Development Communication Efforts."


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