Terps@ICA, 2019

Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will present research and participate in meetings at the 69th Annual ICA Conference, May 24-28, 2019, in Washington, DC.

  • Lindsey Anderson, "Examining Young Adults’ Expectations for Retirement: An Emerging Tension"
  • Junhan Chen, "Predictors of Peer-to-Peer Communication among Older Adults within an Online Interactive Communication System: The Role of Psychosocial and Physical Well-Being" and "Does Online and Offline Social Engagement Protect against Depression? Longitudinal Evidence from a Cross-Lagged Panel Study among Older Adults"
  • Sreashi Das and Anita Atwell Seate, "A Mixed-Methodological Examination of Long-Term Romantic Relationship Schemas in India and the United States"
  • Tamanika Ferguson, "Unlikely Communities: Incarcerated Women Advocate for Women’s Rights and Social Change"
  • Dale Hample (with Ph.D. alumnum Mengqi Zhan), "Reconciling Conflicting Results of Cultural Diversity’s Effect on Team Performance: A QuasiExperimental Examination"
  • Savreen Hundal, "An Inclusive and Collaborative Evaluation Method for Diverse Communities" and "Performative Power of Portraiture: President Obama’s Portrait at the National Portrait Gallery"
  • Irina Iles, Xiaoli Nan, James Butler, Robert Feldman, Min Qi Wang, (with Ph.D. alumnum Zexin Ma), "Smokers’ Attitudes toward Smoking: How Self-Affirming Prior to Viewing Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels Affects Explicit and Implicit Attitudes"
  • Nick Joyce, et al., "The Acceptability of Group-Based Prejudice and Humor across Different Communication Channels"
  • Brooke Fisher Liu, Participant, "ICA PhD Workshop: Public Relations and Strategic Communication"
  • Brooke Liu, Anita Atwell Seate, Irina Iles, and Emina Herovic, "#Tornadowarning: Understanding the National Weather Service’s Tornado Communication Strategies"
  • Lingyan Ma and Yueqian Zhang, "Three Social-Mediated Publics in Information Flow: A Networking Model of Public Segmentation"
  • Xiaoli Nan (with Ph.D. alumnum Zexin Ma), "Effects of Immersive Stories on Prosocial Attitudes and Willingness to Help: Testing Psychological Mechanisms"
  • Duli Shi, "How to Develop an Effective Alliance? The Role of CSR Fit and Employee Engagement in BusinessNGO Partnership"
  • Erich Sommerfeldt, "Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic: Explicating Motivations Behind Evaluation Behavior in Public Diplomacy," (Top Faculty Paper, Public Diplomacy Division)
  • Samantha Stanley, Alison Chatham, Neha Trivedi, and Linda Aldoory, "Relationship Management between Older African American Adults and Healthcare Providers"
  • Samantha Stanley, "'We Don’t Want to Associate with Them': Health Implications for Intergroup Comparisons of Young Adult Cigarette Smokers to the Novel Outgroup Electronic Cigarette Users"
  • Jazmine Thomas, "Yeah, But Is It Working?' A Case Study on University LGBT Centers and Social Networks"
  • Xiaojing Wang, Nick Joyce, and Kang Namkoong, "Investigating College Students’ Intentions to Seek Online Counseling Services"
  • Yuan Wang, "Who Is Sexting? Exploring the Relationships among Loneliness, Sensation-Seeking, Attitude and the Intent to Use Hookup Apps among Chinese College Students"


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