COMM@Maryland, ICA 2020

Several faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication participated in the 2020 virtual conference of the International Communication Association:

  1. “Opioid Stigma Communication: The Impacts of Danger Appraisal on Opioid Misusers and Opioid-Related Policies” by Victoria Ledford, Jungkyu Rhys Lim, Kang Namkoong, Junhan Chen, Yan Qin
  2. “Reluctant to Be Thought as Old? Age Identity Gap as a Moderator in Norm-Intention Relationship for Elders in Uncertain Health Situations” by Junhan Chen & Kang Namkoong
  3. “Using Social Cognitive Theory and Priming to Introduce Exemplar Speech Videos in Communication Courses” by Victoria Ledford & Lindsey Anderson, Top Student Paper Panel in Instructional and Developmental Communication Division (ICA counts student-led papers as student papers)
  4. “Raising Risk Perception of Opioid Misuse: Concrete Language and Image as a Strategy” by Yan Qin, Junhan Chen, Kang Namkoong, Victoria Ledford, & Jungkyu Rhys Lim
  5. “Language Use as an Antecedent and an Outcome of Depressive Symptoms: Longitudinal Evidence From a Clinical Trial Among Older Adults” by Juwon Hwang, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Catalina Laura Toma, University of Wisconsin-Madison; & Junhan Chen
  6. “Defining the Contours of Contention: Facets of Intractability in Social Issues Management” by Luke Capizzo, James Madison University & Erich Sommerfeldt
  7. “Stepping Into Controversial Social Issues: How Corporate Social Advocacy Engages Diverse Publics” by Duli Shi
  8. “International Interorganizational Relationship Patterns in Civil Society: Modeling Valued Relations Exponential Random Graph Models” by Adam Saffer, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Andrew Pilny, University of Kentucky; & Erich Sommerfeldt, Top Four Papers in Organizational Communication
  9. “Identifying Motivating Factors for Disasters Preparedness for Effective Government Public Relations” by Jungkyu Rhys LimPublic Relations Division Top Student Papers

Thanks to Victoria Ledford for providing this information--and congratulations to Victoria, Lindsey Anderson, Erich Sommerfeldt, and Rhys Lim on their top paper designations!

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