Khamis & Toth Publish Study of International Public Relations

TothAssistant professor Sahar Khamis and professor/department chair Elizabeth Toth are the authors of an article that appears in Trípodos, a Spanish language journal devoted to communication and public relations. The essay is entitled "International Public Relations: An American Perspective."

Khamis & Toth examine the applicability and relevance of the Excellence Theory of public relations to international public relations practices. Ultimately, while they argue that the Excellence Theory may be relevant for international public relations, it must also account for specific constraints emergent from different contexts. Particularly, the theory must account for variabilities in political-economic systems, level of development, culture, the extent of activism, and media system differences that confront international audiences.

TripodosCitation: Khamis, S., & Toth, E.L. (2009). International public relations: An American perspective. Trípodos, 24, 31-40.

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