Liu & Levenshus Co-Author Article on Different Communication Practices

LevenshusAssistant professor Brooke Fisher Liu and Ph.D. student Abbey Levenshus are the co-authors of a newly published article appearing in the Journal of Applied Communication Research. "Government and Corporate Communication Practices: Do the Differences Matter?" was also co-authored by J. Suzanne Horsley.

The study investigates the differences and similarities in communication practices between the public and private sectors. Through a survey of 976 government and corporate communicators, 12 organizational attributes previously identified in research on the government communication decision wheel (Liu & Horsley, 2007; Liu & Levenshus, 2008) were tested. The results indicated differences between the two groups in budgets, political influence, communication frequency, public pressure, interaction with other organizations, media coverage frequency, media coverage evaluation, and impact of legal frameworks as they relate to communication practices. No significant differences in diversity of publics, opportunities for professional development, participation in organizational leadership, or management support for communication between the two groups were found. The findings allowed for refinement of this developing model of government communication.

UPDATE: Liu et al.'s article was recently featured in Communication Currents, an online web magazine published by the National Communication Association that is designed to translate scholarly articles that appear in NCA journals to a form understandable and useful for lay audiences.

Liu and Levenshus also published an article in the online Australian journal PRism. That study reports common challenges and opportunities 49 government public relations professionals face in the United States of America (U.S.) when communicating internally and externally. Following on from the primary public sector attributes proposed by Liu and Horsley (2007), the in-depth interviews revealed 13 common attributes that affected government communication practices. The study’s findings are useful for practitioners entering the government communication field in the U.S. and elsewhere, practitioners in other sectors who collaborate with government communicators, and academics developing communication theory for the under-researched public sector.

JACRCitations: Brooke Fisher Liu, J. Suzanne Horsley, and Abbey Blake Levenshus, "Government and Corporate Communication Practices: Do the Differences Matter?," Journal of Applied Communication Research 38 (2010): 189-213.

Brooke Fisher Liu and Abbey Blake Levenshus, "Public Relations Professionals' Perspective on the Communication Challenges and Opportunities They Face in the U.S. Public Sector," PRism 7(1) (2010).

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