Maddux Authors Book on Christian Media, Gendered Civic Identities

Assistant professor Kristy Maddux is the author of a new book entitled The Faithful Citizen: Popular Christian Media and Gendered Civic Identities. The book is published by Baylor University Press. Read more about the book and view a video discussion with the author at

In The Faithful Citizen, Maddux argues that popular Christian media not only communicate avenues for civic engagement but do so in profoundly gendered terms. Her detailed interrogation of popular Christian movies, books, and televisions shows exposes five competing models of how Christians should behave in the civic sphere as their gendered selves.

Calling The Faithful Citizen "A sophisticated and provocative rhetorical critique," Susan Schultz Huxman of Wichita State University says that Maddux "nimbly navigates the two combustible themes of religion and gender without succumbing to predictable partisanship."

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