Maryland@NCA, 2013

The University of Maryland's Department of Communication was well represented at the 99th annual convention of the National Communication Association, November 21-24, 2013, in Washington, DC.

Thanks to Ph.D. student Kim Hannah (left, with Testudo) for the photos below. To read more about UM's involvement at NCA, including awards won by Terps and a complete listing of presentations by UM faculty members and graduate students, click here.


Research professor Kathy Kendall and Testudo at the UM Reception, NCA 

Professor James Klumpp, 2013 Douglas Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award Recipient

Graduate student Mike Paquette at UM Reception, celebrating Top Paper and Dissertation Award winners. Other Top Papers award winners include Rebecca Alt, Jason Edward Black (Ph.D. alumnus, 2006), Steven Cohen (Ph.D. alumnus, 2013), Edward L. Fink, Megan Fitzmaurice, Amanda Kennedy, Tiffany Lewis (Ph.D. alumnus, 2013), Thomas McCloskey, Shuying Shi, and Amber Westcott-Baker.
Dissertation Award winners include Timothy Barney (Ph.D. alumnus, 2011)
and Alyssa Samek (Ph.D. alumnus, 2012).

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