Nan Authors Study of Source Credibility

Assistant professor Xiaoli Nan is the author of the lead essay in the most recent issue of Psychology & Marketing.

Her article, entitled "The Influence of Source Credibility on Attitude Certainty: Exploring the Moderating Effects of Timing of Source Identification and Individual Need for Cognition," investigates the influence of source credibility on attitude certainty, referring to an individual's subjective confidence in his/her attitude. Results of a laboratory experiment (N = 220) show that low source credibility, compared with high source credi-bility, leads to greater attitude certainty. This relationship, however, only holds when the source is identified before message exposure and for people who are low in need for cognition.

Psychology and MarketingCitation: Nan, X. (2009). The influence of source credibility on attitude certainty: Exploring the moderating effects of timing of source identification and individual need for cognition. Psychology and Marketing, 26(4), 321-332.

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