Parry-Giles Co-Edits "State-of-the-Art" Volume on Rhetoric & Public Address

Professor Shawn J. Parry-Giles is the co-editor (with Penn State's J. Michael Hogan) of a new volume published by Wiley-Blackwell entitled The Handbook of Rhetoric & Public Address.

SPG Hogan CoverIn addition to editing the volume, Parry-Giles authored a chapter in the book that discusses the role of archival research in the study of the U.S. presidency. The Handbook of Rhetoric & Public Address features essays by Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Eric King Watts, and David Zarefsky, among others.

Also in The Handbook of Rhetoric & Public Address is UM Professor Robert Gaines, who authored a chapter on "The Processes and Challenges of Textual Authentication."

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