New Awards & Accomplishments

New Awards and Accomplishments by members of the Department of Communication include:

“Ph.D. student Sylvia Guo has been awarded the 2016 PRIME Research Fellowship. The competitive award supports graduate student interest in applied public relations research; it is sponsored by PRIME Research and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), and named for James E. Grunig and Larissa A. Grunig, professors emeriti, University of Maryland.

As the 2016 PRIME Research fellow, Guo will work at PRIME Research’s Ann Arbor, MI, offices for six weeks in the summer to learn more about public relations research and consultation. In addition to carrying out assigned responsibilities, she will be working on a research project that explores the business/social values of public relations. Guo will receive a $5,000 stipend for the fellowship and an additional $2,500 for her research paper when it is accepted by IPR for publication.”


At the 2016 Graduate Research Appreciation Day, sponsored by the Graduate Student Goverment at UM, the following students presented research and/or received recognition for their research:

  • Timothy Penn"Global Environmental Activist Organizations and their Publics: Investigating a Structurationist Typology of Activist Publics"
  • Michael J. Steudeman, "'To Pluck Out the Eyes of the Nation': The Bureau of Education's Struggle to See Like a State"--First Place in Education & Linguistics I
  • Rebecca Alt"The Maryland Way”: Rhetorics of B1G Organizational Culture in the Maryland Student-Athlete Handbook"--First Place in Social Science II
  • Claire Tills"Learning from Sony: Unique Communicative Needs of Data Breaches"--First Place in Law
  • Yan Qin"Campaign Development for Reducing Stigma and Raising Awareness around Mental Health Services for Children and Youth in Prince George’s County, Maryland"--Second Place in Public Health II


Top Paper Awards and Panels:

  • At WSCA, Ph.D. student Thomas McCloskey presented on the Top Papers panel in Argumentation & Forensics (“Smashing Silos and Recovering Voices: Rebuilding Forensic Communities”)
  • At ECA, Ph.D. student Amanda Irions presented on the Top Papers panel in Theory & Methodology (“Goals and Some Controversies”)
  • At ECA, Associate professor Kristy Maddux presented on the Top Papers panel in Rhetoric & Public Address (“Organized Womanhood as Citizenship at the World’s Columbian Exposition”)


At ECA in Baltimore, Professor Andrew Wolvin received the prestigious Donald C. Ecroyd and Caroline Drummond Ecroyd Teaching Excellence Award. The Ecroyd Teaching Excellence Award is presented annually to recognize excellence in teaching. The specific criteria include: (1) ECA membership for five continuous years; (2) a full-time teaching position at any level of education at the time of nomination and (3) a demonstrated record of employing communication principles as the foundation for constructing pedagogical principles applied in teaching practices. Also at ECA, Professor Trevor Parry-Giles was named a Distinguished Teaching Fellow.


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