Graduate Students Receive Scholarship, Fellowship

Some recent accomplishments by graduate students in the Department of Communication:

Ph.D. student Megan Fitzmaurice has received the 2017James F. Harris Arts & Humanities Visionary Scholarship from the College of Arts & Humanities. The scholarship honors the humanities and arts in action and students who receive the Harris Scholarship demonstrate a well-rounded approach to service and community engagement in addition to their scholarship. In the award letter to Ms. Fitzmaurice, ARHU Dean Bonnie Thornton Dill noted that "The committee was truly impressed with the depth of commitment you have shown and the truly 'visionary' quality of your engagement with others on behalf of arts and humanities. The Fellowships Committee is very pleased to be able to support your excellent work." Ms. Fitzmaurice is the first Communication student to receive the Harris Scholarship.

Ph.D. student Morgan Hess has been selected as one of the inaugural National HWW PreDoctoral Fellows by the Humanities Without Walls Consortium. Sponsored by the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, the HWW PreDoctoral Fellows will participate in a three-week summer workshop for graduate students interested in learning about careers outside of the academy and/or the tenure track system.  Guided by one of the leading public humanities organizations in the nation, these workshops encourage humanities doctoral students to think of themselves as agents of the public humanities and showcase opportunities beyond the walls of the academy in an uncertain academic job climate. Pilot workshops were held in 2015 and 2016--Ms. Hess will be the first student from the University of Maryland chosen as an HWW PreDoctoral Fellow and the first student from Communication over the previous two workshops.



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