Hannah-Prater Defends Prospectus

Kim Hannah-Prater recently defended her dissertation prospectus in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland. She is a Ph.D. candidate with a specialization in Rhetoric and Political Culture. Her dissertation project is titled, "A Rhetorical Criticism of Hillary Clinton in Political Satire and Political Parody" and her project centers on critiquing depictions of Hillary Clinton in political satire and parody. This project examines how humorous media texts frame Clinton’s political image across television, the Internet, and magazines. It also examines how Clinton has responded to these depictions by participating in humorous media interviews and by acting in humorous sketches. She also traces the gendered dimensions of political satire and humor across Clinton’s political career.

For more information, see: http://comm.umd.edu/people/graduate-student/hannah

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