Aldoory Promotes Health Literacy

Associate Professor Linda Aldoory, a nationally recognized leader in health communication and health literacy, is promoting health literacy across Maryland and at national conferences:

Dr. Aldoory was the featured speaker at “The Montgomery County Best Places to Live 2020 Summit” held October 20, in Silver Spring, MD. Her presentation was entitled “Health in Plain Language: Effective Communication for Clients with Low Health Literacy.”

Dr. Aldoory will also be presenting her research at the statewide, 2015 Maryland Rural Health Conference, held in Worcester County, MD: “Integrating Health Literacy Standards into Elementary School Curriculum.” This was a partnered funded project, and the presentation of first year findings will be with the CEO of Atlantic General Hospital, Mr. Michael Franklin.

She will present, along with other panelists, at the national Health Literacy Research Conference on November 2 in Bethesda, Maryland--her talk is entitled “Examining Health Literacy Definitions, Causal Models and Measurement from a Patient-Centered Perspective."

And Dr. Aldoory is a keynote speaker on Health Literacy at the annual Maryland Association of Diabetes Educators Conference, held at Maritime Institute in Linthicum Heights, MD, on November 6.

In addition to addressing health literacy concerns with a variety of audiences, Dr. Aldoory's work on health literacy in K-8 curriculum endeavors has been awarded the Outstanding Maryland Rural Health Program award from the Maryland Rural Health Association and was named a "Health Literacy Hero" by the Health Literacy Month website.


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