Joyce to Join Department in Fall 2014

The Department of Communication is pleased to announce that Dr. Nicholas Joyce will join the department in the Fall of 2014 as an assistant professor.

Dr. Joyce received his M.S. in the psychology of peace and the prevention of violence at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and his Ph.D. in communication from the University of Arizona. Using both psychological and communication theories, his research focuses on the underpinnings and effects of positive intercultural communication. This research focuses on a variety of intercultural identities as well as communication mediums. For example, some of his research has focused on how media narratives about other groups can affect intercultural attitudes through social learning and parasocial liking. Dr. Joyce has an interest in the application of research, and his dissertation focused on ways to make this type of intercultural media more appealing to the audiences who could benefit from it the most. Dr. Joyce’s work has appeared in a variety of journals including Communication Research, the Journal of Media Psychology, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, amongst others.

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