Klumpp Receives National Career Awards

Professor James F. Klumpp is the 2013 recipient of two national awards recognizing a career of distinguished scholarship and achievement.

In July, at the NCA/AFA Biennial Conference on Argumentation in Alta, Utah, Klumpp received the 2013 Senior Scholar Award. The award commemorates a career of scholarship and service to the study of argumentation. Previous recipients include Malcolm Sillars, David Zarefsky, Bruce Gronbeck, and Frans van Eemeren.

In November, at NCA's 99th Annual Convention in Washington, DC, Klumpp will receive the Douglas Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award. First presented in 1987, the Ehninger Award honors scholars who have executed research programs in rhetorical theory, rhetorical criticism and/or public address studies. Recipients must demonstrate intellectual creativity, perseverance, and impact on academic communities through multiple publications and presentations around a rhetorical topic or theme. Previous recipients include James R. Andrews, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Roderick Hart, and Robert Scott.  

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