COMMGrads Hosts Maryland Communication Workshop

The Department of Communication at the University of Maryland hosted the Maryland Communication Workshop on Saturday, October 27, 2012.

This mini-conference featured several hour-long sessions on a variety of communication skills and research areas, including interviewing, interpersonal influence, conflict management, political rhetoric, communication anxiety, conference presentations, personal branding, résumé writing, and more. Additionally, the event featured one-on-one sessions with speech consultants for all interested attendees.

More than 130 students, faculty, and staff members from across the College Park campus attended the event. Thanks to a Pepsi Enhancement Fund grant secured in the spring by COMMgrads, the Department's graduate student association, attendance was free of charge to participants. Session leaders and speech consultants included Communication doctoral students Rowena Briones, Elizabeth Gardner, Amanda Irions, Melissa Janoske, Jessica Lu, Sean Luechtefeld, Thomas McCloskey, Annie Laurie Nichols, Jade Olson, Adam Richards, Michael Steudeman, Meridith Styer, and Ning Xie, as well as Kate Juhl of the University Career Center & The President's Promise. 

The event's planning team was comprised of doctoral students Jade Olson, Jessica Lu, Irina Iles, Melissa Janoske, and Elizabeth Gardner. 

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