Welcome New Terps!

Welcome to the newest additions to the instructional faculty in the Department of Communication! 

Dr. Damien Pfister (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh), Associate Professor of Communication, studies networked rhetorics, visual culture, and public argument and deliberation in the context of digital media technologies.

Dr. Catherine Knight Steele (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago), Assistant Professor of Communication and Project Director of ARHU's Synergies Among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture (the Mellon Project) researches the representation of marginalized communities in the media and how traditionally marginalized populations resist oppression and utilize online technology to create spaces of community.

Dr. Carly Woods (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh), Assistant Professor of Communication, employs an intersectional approach to rhetorical history and criticism, with a particular focus on how history and memory shape the argument strategies of marginalized groups.

Jade Olson (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland), Lecturer and Director of the Oral Communication Center, researches discourses of the environment and contemporary radical social movements in addition to argumentation, contemporary rhetorical theory, and discourses of climate change.

Dr. Rowena Briones Winkler (Ph.D., University of Maryland), Lecturer and Managing Director of the Oral Communication Program, explores how social media and technology impact public relations and health communication in terms of campaign development and relationship building.


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