New Research from Maryland

Newly published research by members of the Department of Communication:

Recently published in the Western Journal of Communication: "Personalizing Conflict in Different Interpersonal Relationship Types," co-authored by Associate Professor Dale Hample and Ph.D. alumnus Adam Richards.

Recently published in Health Communication: "'I'm Scared of the Disappointment':Young Adult Smokers' Relational Identity Gaps and Management Strategies as Sites of Communication Intervention," co-authored by Ph.D. student Samantha Stanley.

Recently published in Communication Studies: "The Changing Face of Retirement: Exploring Retirees' Communicative Construction of Tensions through Bridge Employment," co-authored by Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson and Ph.D. student Sylvia Jiankun Guo.

Recently published in Public Relations Inquiry: "Merging Risk and Financial Communication: Understanding how Prudential Creates and Solves the Retirement Risk," authored by Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson.

Recently published in Public Relations Review: "Workplace Adversity and Resilience in Public Relations: Accounting for the Lived Experiences of Public Relations Practitioners," co-authored by Ph.D. student Sylvia Jiankun Guo and Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson.


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