New Research from COMM@Maryland

Newly published research from COMM@Maryland:

  • Assistant Professor Jiyoun Kim is the lead author of two new publications. With Ph.D. alum Sumin Fang, Kim has published "Audience segmentation and food science decisions: The roles of scientific consensus, deference to scientific authority, public perception, and healthy eating interest," in the Journal of Science Communication ( And with assistant professor Kang Namkoong and Ph.D. student Junhan Chen, Kim has published "Predictors of online news-sharing intention in the U.S and South Korea: An application of the theory of reasoned action," in Communication Studies (
  • Assistant Professor Carly Woods is the co-author of a chapter in new book published by the University of Pittsburgh Press. The chapter is entitled "Gossard girls are good girls: Labor activism at a 1949 garment factory strike," and it appears in Women at work: Rhetorics of gender and labor in the US, edited by David Gold and Jessica Enoch. And in related news, Woods was awarded an "honorable mention" prize from the Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics for a project examining the "rhetorical afterlives" of Barbara Jordan.
  • PTK faculty member Ollie Jefferson is the author of "African American Magazines," an entry in the SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society, edited by Debra L. Merskin, published in 2020 (DOI: 10.4135/9781483375519).
  • Ph.D. student Matthew Salzano is the author of a new article published in Women's Studies in Communication entitled “Lemons or Lemonade? Beyoncé, Killjoy style, and Neoliberalism.”
  • Ph.D. student Skye de Saint Felix is the author of three recently published articles. 1. In World Medical and Health Policy (vo. 11, no. 4), de Saint Felix is the author of "Practicing Pathology: The Rhetoric of Pathology in Jane Doe's Struggle to Obtain an Abortion in Federal Custody." 2. de Saint Felix is the author of a book chapter entitled "Silencing Sexual Assault: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Misogynistic Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Cases," in the new book Misogyny and Media in the Age of Trump, edited by Maria Marron. 3. Co-authoring with Ryan Neville-Shepard, de Saint Felix has authored the article "There They Go Again: Invoking the <Reagan> Ideography," in vol. 56 of Argumentation & Advocacy.
  • Associate Professor Sahar Khamis is the author of two recently published articles: 1. With Ph.D. student Randall Fowler, Khamis has authored "Arab Resistance in the diaspora: Comparing the Saudi dissident and the Egyptian whistleblower," that appears in the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research. 2. Khamis has authored a book chapter entitled "Dueling discourses of power and resistance: The cultural contexts of the shifting revolutionary rhetoric of three Egyptian political actors," that is published in Discourses in Action: What Language Enables Us to Do, edited by Klaus Krippendorf and Nour Halabi.
  • Ph.D. student Alyson Farzad-Phillips is the author of a new article in Women's Studies in Communication, entitled "Huddles or Hurdles? Spatial Barriers to Collective Gathering in the Aftermath of the Women’s March."
  • Professor Brooke Fisher Liu is the co-author of two new articles: 1. With Associate Professor Anita Atwell Seate (and Ph.D. alum Irina Iles), "Tornado Warning: Understanding the National Weather Service's Communication Strategies," appears in a recent issue of Public Relations Review; 2. With Ph.D. alum Lucinda Austin and others, "Telling the Tale: The Role of Narratives in Helping People Respond to Crises," appears in a recent issue of the Journal of Applied Communication Research. In other news, Liu is also participating in a NSF-sponsored CONVERGE working group on Readying Populations for the COVID-19 Vaccine.





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