Terps@Regionals, Spring 2018

UPDATE: Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will present research and participate in meetings at regional communication conventions and specialized conferences over the course of the spring semester, 2018. Ph.D. students Skye de Saint Felix, Megan Fitzmaurice, Morgan Hess, Rong Ma, and Sreashi Das received Top Paper designations.

Wake Forest Argumentation Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, April, 2018:

  • James Klumpp, "The Enigma of Argument in the Current Political Moment."
  • Nathaniel Stoltz, "Injections of Certainty: Web Information-Seeking Across Argument Contexts."
  • Dale Hample, "An Ethical Challenge to Persuasion Research: The Importance of Critical Thinking."
  • Annie-Laurie Nichols, "#Argument: Collective Public Argument on Twitter."

Southern States Communication Association, Nashville, TN, April, 2018:

  • Skye de Saint Felix, “Invoking <Reagan>: The 40th President as Ideograph in Presidential Debates, 1988- 2016,” (Top Paper, Rhetoric and Public Address Division).
  • Megan Fitzmaurice, “Rhetorical Placemaking and Pan-African Thinking: Activist Efforts to Commemorate an African Burial Ground in New York City,” (Top Student Papers in Rhetoric and Public Address).

Central States Communication Association, Milwaukee, WI, April, 2018:

  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Political Communication and the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Economic Issues in Higher Education, Setting the Agenda.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Redefining Presidential: Understanding the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles, Will Howell, & Devin Scott, “Reading Presidential Impersonations: Simulating the Presidency in Popular Culture.”

Eastern Communication Association, Pittsburgh, PA, April, 2018:

  • Sarah Aghazadeh, “GIFTS: Show Not Tell.”
  • Sreashi Das, “Examining Long-Term Romantic Relationship Schemas in India and the U. S.,” (Top Papers in Intercultural Communication).
  • Alyson Farzad-Phillips, “Huddles or Hurdles? Racial and Economic Barriers to Collective Gathering for Women’s March Aftermath.”
  • Morgan Hess, ““The Ovarian Psyco-Cycle Brigade: Intersectional Feminism in Practice,” (Top Paper, Voices of Diversity Interest Group).
  • Will Howell & Trevor Parry-Giles, ““I’m about to be president; we’re all going to die”: Baldwin, Trump, and the Rhetorical Power of Comedic Presidential Impersonation.”
  • Kathleen Kendall, “Military Figures in the Trump White House: The Evolving Image.”
  • Kathleen Kendall (Roundtable Participant), “Secrets, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Political Communication Classroom.”
  • James Klumpp (Participant), “Kenneth Burke’s Pittsburgh: Then and Now.”
  • Karen Lamb, “GIFTS: The Truth in Ten.”
  • Rong Ma, “Acculturated Emotion,” (Top Papers in Intercultural Communication).
  • Rong Ma, “Responding to mass-communicated criticism about the group: Effects of communicative context, message content, and social identity threat.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Secrets, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Political Communication Classroom.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “ECA Research Fellows Discuss Views on Research and How to Evaluate It.”
  • Anita Atwell Seate (Participant), “The 2nd Annual Scholarly Office Hour in Media Communication.”
  • Anita Atwell Seate & Michelle Murray Yang, “How are we measuring media exposure to police brutality incidents? Discussing the police brutality literature in light of media exposure measurement.”
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