Terps@Regionals, 2019

Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will present research and participate in meetings at regional communication conventions over the course of the spring semester, 2019. 

Western States Communication Association, Seattle, WA, February 2019:

  • Rebecca Alt, "'We're in the Human Development Business': Organizational Rhetoric and the NCAA's Myth of the Student-Athlete."
  • Darrian Carroll, "The (Re)Turn of Ideological Criticism: This Time in Black."

Southern States Communication Association, Montogmery, AL, April, 2019:

  • Randall Fowler, Toward a Rhetorical Theory of Arab Rulership: Three Theses."
  • Aya Farhat, “Citizen Who? Roe v. Wade and the Rhetoric of Potentiality,” (Top Student Papers in Rhetoric and Public Address).

Central States Communication Association, Omaha, NE, April, 2019:

  • Nora Lee Heist, "“Hybridizing Ancient Rhetorical Theory and /r/changemyview."
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Economic Issues in Higher Education: Creating Dialogue and Building Advocacy Efforts.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Looking Back – Looking Forward: Examining the Elections of 2018 & 2020."
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “Spotlight Panel: Celebrating the Inaugural Judith S. Trent Award for Early Career Excellence in Political Communication.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles,(Roundtable Participant), "The Unconventional President: Examining the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.”

Eastern Communication Association, Providence, RI, April, 2019:

  • Darrian Carroll, “Reagan's March 4th Address: Saving Face Using a Vessel.”
  • Junhan Chan, "Forensic Stasis in the Debate on the March for Science."
  • Allison Chatham, “Matches Don’t Start Forest Fires. People Do.”: Using Stasis to Examine the Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Campaign."
  • Kathleen Kendall, “Expanding the Family Frame: Megan McCain's Eulogy for Her Father.”
  • Kathleen Kendall, “The Rhetoric of Loyalty in the Trump Presidency.”
  • Victoria Ledford, “The Stigma is in the Stases: Situating Self-Stigma as a Stasis System.”
  • Jade Olson, (Debate Participant), “Civil Engagement in an Era of Incivility: A Debate on Conventions of Democratic Deliberation Within a Society Divided.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), Creating our Future through Service and Leadership.”
  • Trevor Parry-Giles (Roundtable Participant), “ECA Research Fellows: Office Hours."
  • Jeannette Viens, "Three Rationalities: Systems of Stases for Analyzing Political Persuasion.”
  • Gareth Williams, ““Who speaks?—And Why?”: Stases and Public Understanding of Science in the Rhetoric of the DDT Debates, 1962–1963.”
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