New Research from Maryland

Newly published research by members of the Department of Communication:

Recently published in Health Communication: "Exploring the Use of Theory in a National Text Message Campaign: Addressing Problem Recognition and Constraint Recognition for Publics of Pregnant Women," co-authored by Professor Linda Aldoory.

Recently published in Speech and Debate as Civic Education (University Park: Penn State University Press): ."Taking women seriously: Debaters, faculty allies, and the feminist work of debating in the 1930s and 1940s," by Assistant Professor Carly S. Woods

Recently published in Communication Quarterly: "Gender Norms and Discourses Informing College Men’s Perceptions of Heteronormative Sexual Health Responsibilities and HPV Prevention," co-authored by Ph.D. student Samantha Stanley.

Recently published in Public Relations Review: "Relationship networks as strategic issues management: An issue-stage framework of social movement organization network strategies," co-authored by Assistant Professor Erich Sommerfeldt.

Recently published in the Western Journal of Communication: "Consequential Unscripted Interactions: A Conceptual and Empirical Description," co-authored by Associate Professor Dale Hample and Ph.D. students Yiwen Dai and Mengqi Zhan.

UPDATE: Recently published in Communication Teacher: "Ally, Advocate, Activist: Semester-long Civic Engagement in the Basic Communication Course," co-authored by Professional Track Faculty member Meridith Styer, Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson, and Ph.D. student Annie-Laurie Nichols


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