New Research from COMM@Maryland

Newly published research from COMM@Maryland:

Just published in Communication Education--Ph.D. student Drew Ashby-King is the author of "More than Just a Variable: COVID-19 and the Call to Complicate Communication Education Research."

In Health Communication--Professor Xiaoli Nan is the co-editor of a special forum on Public Health Communication in an Age of COVID-19.

Recently published in Communication Studies--Assistant Professor Jiyoun Kim is the author of "The Meaning of Number: Effect of Social Media Engagement Metrics in Risk Communication."

Recently published in Health Communication--Ph.D. students Samantha Stanley and Allison Chatham, along with Professor Linda Aldoory, are co-authors of "Communication and Control: Hearing the Voices of Low-Income African American Adults to Improve Relationships with Healthcare Providers."

Recently published in Health Communication--Ph.D. students Yan Qin, Junhan Chen, Victoria Ledford, and Jungkyu Rhys Lim, along with Associate Professor Kang Namkoong, have co-authored "Increasing Perceived Risk of Opiod Misuse: The Effects of Concrete Language and Image."

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