New Research from Maryland

Newly published research by members of the Department of Communication:

Recently published in Communication Monographs: "Media's influence on immigration attitudes: An intergroup threat theory approach," by Assistant Professor Anita Atwell Seate (with Dana Maestro).

Recently published in Communication Quarterly: "Redeeming the Maverick McCain: Game Change as Hyperreal Campaign History," co-authored by Ph.D. student Michael Steudeman and Professor Trevor Parry-Giles.

Recently published in Culture and Organization: "When the Lord builds the house: An autoethnographic account of working in an evangelical for-profit organizational culture," authored by Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson.

Recently published in the International Journal of Strategic Communication: "The Scared, the Outraged, and the Anxious: How Crisis Emotions, Involvement, and Demographics Predict Publics’ Conative Coping," co-authored by Ph.D. alumna Julia Daisy Fraustino and Associate Professor Brooke Fisher Liu (with Yan Jin).

"Presidential Primaries and General Election Campaigns:  A Comparison," in Praeger Handbook of Political Campaigning in the United States, Volume 1 (William L. Benoit, editor), pp. 31-44 (New York: Praeger, 2016), by Research Professor Kathleen Kendall.


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