New Research from Maryland

Newly published research by members of the Department of Communication:

Recently published in Communication Reports: "Arguing Goals: An Initial Assessment of a New Measurement Instrument," co-authored by Ph.D. student Irina Iles and Ph.D. alumna Ioana Cionea.

Recently published in Communication Quarterly: "An Examination of Nurses' Intergenerational Communicative Experiences in the Workplace: Do Nurses Eat Their Young?," co-authored by Assistant Professor Lindsey Anderson.

Recently published in Rhetoric Review: "The Pen of Puritan Womanhood: Anne Bradstreet's Personal Poetry as Catechism on Godly Womanhood," authored by Ph.D. student Meridith Styer.

Recently published in the Journal of Food Products Marketing: "'As Much Calcium as a Glass of Milk!' Understanding American Consumers' Preferences for Fortified Foods," co-authored by Associate Professor Xiaoli Nan and Ph.D. student Irina Iles.

Recently published in the book Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain (Wiley-Blackwell): "The Art of Listening: Communicating Effectively with a Patient in Pain," authored by Professor Andrew Wolvin.

Recently published in the book Listening Across Lives (Kendall-Hunt): "Contextualizing Listening," authored by Professor Andrew Wolvin.

Recently published in the book Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture (Lexington): "Reflection and Deflection: An Approach to Popular Culture and Politics," co-authored by Professor Trevor Parry-Giles and Ph.D. students Will Howell and Devin Scott.





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