Spring Conferences Feature UM Research

UPDATE: Alumni Gather at Int'l PR Conference

UM Department of Communication faculty members and graduate students will present research, participate in meetings, and provide leadership at several professional and association conferences over the course of the spring semester.

Ph.D. alumna and lecturer in the department, Alyssa Samek, will present two research papers and will chair a panel at the 84th annual convention of the Western States Communication Association in Reno, NV, February 15-19. Her papers are entitled "'We are Everywhere': Fighting to Lesbian-Feminist Visibility at the 1977 National Women's Conference," and "From 'Bitch' to 'Badass': Hillary Rodham Clinton's Social Media Image Transformation." 

Ph.D. student Adam Richards will also present research at the Western meeting--his paper is entitled "A Theoretical Investigation of Influence within Patient-Provider Interactions."

Associate professor Brooke Liu presented at the National Academy of Sciences February workshop on geotargeted alerts and warning (http://sites.nationalacademies.org/CSTB/CSTB_081131). Dr. Liu was part of a panel that discussed what level of geographical targeting is needed to make messages relevant and in what scenarios might greater precision be useful. In her presentation, Dr. Liu introduced the Hazards and Protective Actions Sequence Matrix (http://www.start.umd.edu/start/publications/HazardsAndProtectiveActionsSequenceMatrix.pdf), which was produced as part of the Comprehensive Testing of Imminent Threat Public Messages for Mobile Devices project. Dr. Liu is the Principal Investigator for this $952,004-project funded by the Department of Homeland Security through the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (http://www.start.umd.edu/start/announcements/announcement.asp?id=394).

Professor and chair Elizabeth Toth, along with Ph.D. student Rowena Briones will present a paper entitled "Exploring Public Relations Employers' Perceptions of Public Relations Master's Degrees: Impact on Education," at the 16th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference in Miami, FL, March 6-10.

UM alumni gather at the International Public Relations Research Conference in Miami. From left to right: Ai Zhang (Richard Stockton College of NJ), Hua Jiang (Towson University), Hongmei Shen (San Diego State University), Brian Smith (Purdue University), Bey-Ling Sha (San Diego State University), Rob Wakefield (BYU), Flora Hung Baesecke (Hong Kong Baptist University), Yi Liu (Montclair State University), Ken Plowman (BYU), Shannon Bowen (University of South Carolina), Minjeong Kang (M.A. from UM.; Ball State University), and Regina Chen (Hong Kong Baptist University).

Several graduate students and faculty members will present research at the national convention of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, meeting in Washington, DC, March 27-30. 

Ph.D. student Kimberley Hannah will present a paper entitled "Saturday Night Live and 9/11: A Rhetorical Analysis of Comedy Sketches about Patriotism, National Security, and Terrorism." Ph.D. student Jessica Lu will present a paper entitled "In a Harsh Light: Confronting Whiteness and Blackness in Images of Beyonce Knowles." Ph.D. student Thomas McCloskey will present a paper entitled "Putin and IKEA: A Spiral of Silence Rhetorical Analysis of Pussy Riot Censorship." Ph.D. student Meridith Styer will present a paper entitled "Caesar is Home: Personhood as a Function of Socially Recognizable Language in The Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Ph.D. student Michael Steudeman will present a paper entitled "'Lords of Our Tiny Skull-Sized Kingdoms': David Foster Wallace between Acedia and Asphaleia." And Professor Trevor Parry-Giles will present a paper entitled "The Shifting Geopolitics of the Hollywood Remake: Changing Visions of Homeland Invasion in Red Dawn (1984) and Red Dawn (2012)."

Ph.D. student Elizabeth Gardner is presenting a paper at the 83rd annual convention of the Southern States Communication Association in Louisville, KY, April 10-14. Her paper is entitled "Evolving Constructions of Childhood: The National Child Labor Committee's 'Declaration of Dependence.'"

The Eastern Communication Association's 104th annual convention will feature many UM Department of Communication faculty members and graduate students on its program. The convention will be in Pittsburgh, PA, April 24-28.

  • Ph.D. student Julia Fraustino will present a paper entitled "Toward an Ethic of Care in Crisis Communication and Management in Public Relations: Application to the Paula Deen Diabetes Controversy."
  • Research professor Kathleen Kendall will present a paper entitled "President Bill Clinton's Nominating Speech, 2012: The One-Man Debate Team."
  • Professor James Klumpp will respond to Contributed Papers in Argumentation and participate in a roundtable discussion of Bryan Crable's book about Kenneth Burke and Ralph Ellison. Klumpp will also participate in a short course about finding an appropriate publisher for textbook content.
  • Visiting assistant professor William Lawson will present a paper (co-authored with Trevor Parry-Giles) entitled "Social Equality, Boosterism, and Race in the New South: Warren G. Harding's 1921 Oratory in Birmingham, Alabama."
  • Ph.D. student Jessica Lu will present two papers at ECA: "Hyperbolic Horror in Santorum for President's 'Obamaville,'" and "Identity Denial as an Obstacle to Integrated Bicultural Identity: The Case of Jeremy Lin."
  • Ph.D. student Sean Luechtefeld will chair several panels and participate as a roundtable discussant "Assessing the Arguments in the 2012 Presidential Debates."
  • Ph.D. student Annie Laurie Nichols will chair a panel of papers on "Burkean Journeys through Identity."
  • Ph.D. student Thomas McCloskey will offer a "Great Idea for Teaching Speech (GIFT) presentation entitled "SLAP," and will participate in a public debate on presidential debate formats.
  • Ph.D. student Jade Olson will chair the debate on debate formats and will present a paper entitled "Science, Morality, and Global Warming: Visual Representations of Data in An Inconvenient Truth."
  • Professor Trevor Parry-Giles will respond to the top paper panel in rhetoric & public address as well as present a paper (with William Lawson, see above) and participate in a roundtable on "Assessing the Arguments in the 2012 Presidential Debates." Parry-Giles will also participate in a panel focused on the research efforts of the 2012 Research Fellows--his paper is entitled "The Gift that Keeps On Giving: Analyzing the Political Rhetoric of Bill Clinton."
  • Ph.D. student Yvonne Slosarski will present a paper entitled "Hearing the Public: (Re)Constructing The People of Wisconsin."
  • Ph.D. student Michael Steudeman will participate in the debate about presidential debate formats and will present a paper entitled "'The Mere Ghosts of Auspices': A Defense of Uncertainty in Cicero's De Divinatione."

Ph.D. students Michael Steudeman and Annie Laurie Nichols will attend a conference entitled Rhetoric as Equipment for Living: Kenneth Burke, Culture, and Education at Ghent University in Belgium. They will present a co-authored paper entitled "Toward a Practical Application of Burke's Rhetorical Pedagogy: A Dialogue of Dramatistic Education," and Steudeman will also present a research essay entitled "Rereading Educational History Dialectically: Burke, Dewey, and the Bureaucratization/Imagination Paradox." The conference will be held May 22-25.




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