Students, Faculty to Present Research

Graduate students and faculty members from the Department of Communication will present their research at several important conferences during the spring semester.

The International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference. March 13-15, 2017—Orlando, FL

“Crisis in Communication in Schools: Understanding Current Challenges and Opportunities” by Tyler G. Page, Brooke Fisher Liu, Holly Ann Roberts and Michael Egnoto

“There’s No Place Like Home: How Mobil Home Residents Understand and Respond to Tornado Warnings” by Brooke Fisher Liu, Holly Roberts, Michael Egnoto and Jung Kyu Lim

Zhao, X., Jie, C., & Zhan, M. (2017, March). "Toward a Social-mediated Crisis Theory (SCARE): Modeling Topics from Big Data for Chipotle E. coli Crisis."

D.C. Health Communication Conference, April 27-29, 2017--Fairfax, VA

Stanley, S. J., Aldoory, L., Leonard, C., & Mills, T. "Piloting a Curriculum Intervention to Measure and Improve Children's Health Literacy."

Fang, S. "A qualitative study on Chinese senior people’s health literacy and their doctor-patient communication." 

Ma, Z., & Nan, X. "Public responses toward cigarette claims: Results from the HINTS-FDA survey."

Iles, I., & Rausch, P., "Communicating risk information about drugs: The effect of quantitative information type on risk perceptions and understanding."

Nan, X., Iles, I., Ma. Z., Feldman, R. Butler, J., Wang, M. Q., Zhao, X. "Self-affirmation and defensive processing of graphic cigarette warning labels among African American smokers: A community-based pilot study."

Iles, I., "Increasing medication adherence for patients with chronic illness: Opportunities for health communication scholars."

International Public Relations Research Conference, March 8-12, 2017--Orlando, FL

Page, Tyler., "Mismatch vs. Magnitude: Defining and Testing Types of Organizational Crisis Response Overreaction."

Elizabeth Toth & Linda Aldoory, "Looking Back, Looking Forward: 20 Years and More of Gender Theory for Public Relations Practice," Recipient, IPRRC Board of Directors Award


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