UM COMM @ Summer Conferences

Several Department of Communication faculty members and graduate students will present research and attend business meetings at summer conferences in 2013.

The biennial NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation Research will be held August 1-4 at the Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Associate professor Dale Hample will present a co-authored paper (with UM Ph.D. 2012 alum Ioana Cionea) entitled "Serial Argument Topics." Hample is also the co-author, with Ph.D. student Amanda Irions, of a paper entitled "Argument Engagement under Invitational versus Demanding Conditions."

Professor James F. Klumpp will present a paper entitled "Abraham Lincoln and the Argumentative Style."

Ph.D. student Michael Steudeman and professor Trevor Parry-Giles will present a paper entitled "John McCain at Prescott: Constructing Conservative Identity in the Maverick West."

Ph.D. student Meridith Styer will present a paper entitled "Reading Together: Disturbing Traditional Theory of Rhetoric and Argument."

The conference will also feature a keynote address from Carol Winkler, a UM Ph.D. 1987 alumna.

University of Maryland faculty members and graduate students are presenting research at the AEJMC 101st Annual Convention in Washington, DC, including:

Julia Daisy Fraustino and Liang Ma, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse: CDC’s Use of Social Media and Humor in a Risk Campaign.”

Julia Daisy Fraustino, Stephanie Madden, and Brooke Fisher Liu, “A Complexity Approach to Teaching Crisis Management: Crisis Event Simulation in the Public Relations Classroom.”

Melissa Janoske and Benjamin Sheppard, “Risk Communication Factors to Inform Theory: Risk Perception, Special Needs Populations, and Media Usage.”

Sahar Khamis, Panelist, “Freedom of Speech and Press Around the World: Approaches to Reconciling Diverse Values.”

Mohammed el-Nawawy and Sahar Khamis, “Governmental Corruption through the Egyptian Bloggers’ Lens: A Qualitative Study of Four Egyptian Political Blogs.”

Brooke Fisher Liu, with Lucinda Austin and Yan Jin, “Examining Signs of Recovery: How Senior Crisis Communicators Define Organizational Crisis Recovery.”

Stephanie Madden, “Alerting a Campus Community: Emergency Notification Systems from a Public’s Perspective.”

Erich Sommerfeldt and Jennifer Mandel, “Media Credibility and Disaster: The Moderating Role of Information Satisfaction in Post-Earthquake Haiti.”

Erich Sommerfeldt, Michael Paquette, Melissa Janoske, and Liang Ma, “Identifying Network ‘Communities’ of Theory: The Structure of Public Relations Paradigms.”

Elizabeth Toth, Panelist, “2012 Commission on Public Relations Education Report: Standards for Public Relations Education for the Professional Master’s Program in the United States.”

Elizabeth Toth, Panelist, “Teaching Ethics in a Changing, Converged Media Climate.”

Xinyan Zhao, “A Self-Created Spiral of Silence?: Modeling the Effects of Media Reliance and Perceived Media Diversity on Opinion Expression.”

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