Updated Department Rankings

CIOS Rates UM Top Ten in 30 Research Areas

The Communication Institute of Online Scholarship (CIOS) ranks every Communication and Journalism program across North America according to publication productivity and research emphasis in many different and diverse research areas. Basing its rankings on faculty publication records, the CIOS rankings offer a detailed and comprehensive glimpse of publication patterns among Communication scholars.

As of December 2012, the Department of Communication is ranked as a Top Ten department in 22 research areas--Aging, China, Cognition, Competence, Conflict, Critical Theory, Debate, Democracy, Demographics, Ethics, Film, History, Humor, Intercultural, Law, Memory, Metaphor, Persuasion, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Rhetoric, and Text & Writing.

In four areas of research, the department was a Top Five program--Classical Rhetoric, Middle East, Popular Culture, and Religion.

And in four areas of research, the department was a Top Three program--Africa, Gender, Politics & Government, and Presidential Figures.

Read more about the Department of Communication's national rankings here.

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