Terps Receive WFI Grants

Congratulations to COMMTerps Sarah Aghazadeh (doctoral candidate), Skye de Saint Felix (doctoral candidate), and Shawn J. Parry-Giles (professor & chair) for receiving grant support from the Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society (WFI). The WFI was founded to highlight the centrality of Communication in the creation of social change. Its goal is to serve as the center of an international network of Communication scholars, practitioners, and activists working to create a more just social world. 

One of the ways that WFI enacts its mission — communication as central to the creation of positive social change — is through the funding of research grants. These awards support the projects of Communication scholars colleges and universities across the United States and across the world. We hope, through these grants, to help support the kinds of communication-focused research needed to engage the complexities of social change and social justice. Sarah Aghazadeh received support from WFI to pursue a research project aimed at expanding community health efforts; de Saint Felix and Parry-Giles received WFI support to continue and expand the work of the Recovering Democracy Archives, an initiative that seeks to create a digital archive of lesser-known but important public speeches that remain hidden within the vaults of archival repositories or in obscure anthologies and historical publications.

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