Michelle Murray Yang to Join Department, Fall 2013

The Department of Communication is pleased to announce that Dr. Michelle Murray Yang will join the department in the Fall of 2013 as an assistant professor.

Dr. Murray Yang’s scholarly work focuses on how China is understood, interpreted, and portrayed by policy makers and media outlets within the United States. Earning her Masters (2007) and Ph.D. (2011) in rhetoric from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she has studied and analyzed significant moments in U.S.-Sino relations. Her thesis examined the period of rapprochement between the United States and China through a rhetorical analysis of the speeches and toasts presented during President Richard Nixon’s 1972 trip to China. Her dissertation focused on contemporary U.S.-Sino relations by rhetorically analyzing Western media coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Dr. Murray Yang’s work has appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speechand Rhetoric & Public Affairs. She is also the author of a study examining U.S. news framing during the Beijing Games that is forthcoming in the Chinese Journal of Communication.


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