Irina Iles

Graduate Student
Professional Interests: 

Irina Alexandra Iles (M.A., University of Maryland) is a doctoral candidate specializing in the development and application of communication and psychological theories to health contexts. Using quantitative research methods, her research program seeks to understand how individuals react, both cognitively and emotionally, to messages that attempt to raise awareness about a health issue or that promote behavior change. Irina is also interested in potential unintended consequences that health communications may have at the individual and societal level. Her research has been published or is forthcoming in outlets such as Health Communication, Journal of Health Psychology, American Journal of Health Behavior, Health Education, Journal of Risk Research, and others. She has earned top paper awards in health communication at various conferences and has received the 2016-2017 All S.T.A.R fellowship from the UMD Graduate School. Irina has worked on several grant-funded projects and has been an ORISE research fellow with the Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.