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Congratulations to Professor Elizabeth Toth for receiving the 2020 College of Fellows Sage Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)!

COMM Profs Receive NOAA Grant

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Despite the development of largely effective warning systems, people routinely die from severe weather like tornadoes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency recently awarded Drs. Anita Atwell Seate, Brooke Fisher Liu, and Ji Youn Kim a $368,675 grant to improve how forecasters communicate severe weather threats.

COMMTerps Create Video PSA to Combat Opioid Abuse

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Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford and Maryland’s Higher Education Commission Secretary, Dr. James D. Fielder, announced the awarding of $46,000 in scholarships to Maryland students who are helping to combat opioid abuse in Maryland.

Anti-Racism Statements--Department of Communication

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The Department of Communication pledges to deliberate and act against Black and African-American racism on our campus and in our communities. The following two statements reinforce our social justice principles and provide a path forward in taking principled actions to erode such systemic racism. One was drafted by tenure-track faculty members in the Department and the second was drafted by graduate students and signed by a diversity of community members. The graduate students invite people to add their names to their statement.

COMM Major Wins Library Research Award

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Congratulations to COMM major Cecilia Sun for receiving a University of Maryland Library Award for Undergraduate Research. Sun worked with Assistant Professor Carly Woods and university archivist Lae'l Hughes-Watkins; Sun's research project is entitled "On Rachel Carson's Continuing Legacy: How Students at the University of Maryland Aim to Commemorate Carson in 21st Century Environmental Activism." Awarded since 2011, Sun is the first COMM major to receive the Library Award.

Seate Named Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year

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Congratulations to Associate Professor Anita Atwell Seate on being awarded a Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award from the University of Maryland's Graduate School. Over 30 graduate faculty members were nominated by their students; Seate was one of ten faculty to receive the award for 2020. Seate is the third member of the Department of Communication to receive this recognition; the Department of Communication is the most recognized ARHU department since the award began in 2011.

New Research from COMM@Maryland

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GSIT Graduate Receives Citation

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New GSIT graduate, Cheikhani Khlil, from the Department of Communication received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretary of the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Dr. James Fielder. The MHEC is responsible for establishing statewide policies for Maryland public and private colleges. Mr. Khlil received the certificate in recognition of his translation work in the DC area that helped Arabic speaking communities comprehend the safety issues associated with COVID 19. Mr. Khlil translated texts into Arabic each day during the pandemic. 


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