Communication: A Top 10 Major at UM

White House College Scorecard Reveals High Enrollments

The White House and the U.S. Department of Education recently released the new College Scorecard. At the University of Maryland, Communication is ranked fifth in popularity of academic programs. Combined with students majoring in Journalism, Communication majors comprise 7% of all majors at the University, behind only "Social Sciences," Business, Engineering, and Biology. 

The largest major in the College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU), Communication is the tenth most popular major at the University of Maryland, according to 2016 data from UM's Office for Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment. And of the nearly 2,300 students enrolled in an ARHU major, 33% (about one-third) are Communication majors.

In 2017, the University of Maryland conferred 7,293 bachelors degrees--287 of those were in Communication, the eighth highest number of degrees conferred by any department. The Department of Communication conferred the largest number of bachelors degrees in the College of Arts and Humanities. 30.8% of all ARHU degree recipients in 2017 were Communication majors.

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