Maddux Authors New Book

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Associate Professor Kristy Maddux is the author of a new book, recently published by Penn State University Press. Entitled Practicing Citizenship: Women's Rhetoric at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Maddux's book "provides a glimpse at an unprecedented alternative act of citizenship by women of the time: their deliberative participation in the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893." As the published notes, "Maddux examines the planning of the event, the full program of women speakers, and dozens of speeches given in the fair’s daily congresses.

Faculty Receive Awards, Grants

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Department of Communication faculty members have recently received awards, grants, and recognition for their achievements.

Namkoong Receives $20,000 Pilot Grant for Augmented Reality Research 

Department of Communication Awards, 2019

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The Department of Communication presented its annual awards at a departmental picnic on Friday, May 10, 2019. Receiving recognition in 2019 are:

Terps@ICA, 2019

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Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will present research and participate in meetings at the 69th Annual ICA Conference, May 24-28, 2019, in Washington, DC.

COMM 461 Sponsors Social Justice Day Event

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On Thursday, April 11, COMM 461 (Voices of Public Leadership in the Twentieth Century, taught by Assistant Professor Carly Woods), working with the UMD Special Collections Library, explored speeches with social justice themes in the George Meany Labor Archive. Special thanks to Benjamin Blake, Special Collections Librarian for Labor Studies, and Alan Wierdak, Labor Archive Specialist.

Terps@Regionals, 2019

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Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication will present research and participate in meetings at regional communication conventions over the course of the spring semester, 2019. 

Western States Communication Association, Seattle, WA, February 2019:

Ph.D. Alum Develops Exhibition

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Ph.D. alumnum James Kimble (Ph.D., 2001) helped develop a national exhibition on "Expressions of Freedom." Read about Kimble's involvement here: Maryland Today

Kimble is currently on the faculty of the Department of Communication at Seton Hall University.

New Research at Maryland

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UPDATED: Newly published research by members of the Department of Communication:

Recently published in the Journal of Health Communication: "Investigating the Interplay of Self-Construal and Independent vs. Interdependent Self-Affirmation," co-authored by Ph.D. alumnum Zexin Ma and Professor Xiaoli Nan.

Classroom Innovations in COMM

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UPDATE: The COMM 760 report on 2018 political ads featured in an article on The Conversation, authored by Professor Shawn Parry-Giles and doctoral students Aya Farhat, Matthew Salzano, and Skye de Saint Felix.

Exciting things are happening in COMM classrooms--


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