New Research on Cigarette Warning Labels

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Health Communication: "Effectiveness of Cigarette Warning Labels: Examining the Impact of Graphics, Message Framing, and Temporal Framing," by associate professor Xiaoli Nan, Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University), Bo Yang, and Irina Iles (Ph.D. students, UM).

New Research on LBJ Rhetoric

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Rhetoric & Public Affairs: “'The Guardian Genius of Democracy': The Myth of the Heroic Teacher in Lyndon B. Johnson’s Education Policy Rhetoric, 1964–1966," by Michael J. Steudeman (Ph.D. student).

New Research in Social Support & Friendships

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Human Communication Research--"Compliance Dynamics within a Friendship Network II: Structural Positions Used to Garner Social Support," by Edward L. Fink (professor), Andrew C. High (University of Iowa), and Rachel Smith (Penn State University).

Risk Communication Research Stream Selected for FIRE

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FIRE is a new program at the University of Maryland that provides inquiry-based experiences and broad personal and academic mentorship for first-year students through participation in faculty-led innovation and research streams. Students earn degree credit and engage with faculty and a cohort of their peers in the pursuit of new knowledge, understanding and innovations.

New Research in Health Communication

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Health Communication--"Influence of Evidence Type and Narrative Type on HPV Risk Perception and Intention to Obtain the HPV Vaccine" by Xiaoli Nan (associate professor), Michael F. Dahlstrom (Iowa State University), Adam Richards (Ph.D. alumnus; Texas Christian University), and Sarani Rangarajan (Iowa State University).

COMM Fall 2014 Orientation

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Welcome to the University of Maryland and the Department of Communication
Fall 2014 Orientation Schedule

Irions to China for Immersion Program

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Ph.D. student Amanda Irions has been selected by the University of Maryland's Graduate School to represent the University of Maryland at the National Central University of Taiwan (NCU) annual China Immersion Program in Chinese language and culture. The intensive summer program, this year, will run August 11-29, 2014.

UPDATE: Recent Awards & Honors

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UPDATE: New Awards and Honors:

Assistant professor Erich Sommerfeldt received a Tier I Award from the Division of Research at the University of Maryland. The $10,000 award will be used to support the research project "Emergent Approaches to Communication Strategy Development Agents in Authoritarian Environments."

Khamis Presents Research at U of Chicago

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From the University of Chicago:

Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative Public Lecture by Visiting Professor Sahar Khamis: “Islamic Discourses in Cyberspace: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Prospects”


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