Tamanika Ferguson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D., Howard University

2105 Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 

Dr. Tamanika Ferguson is a communication and intersectionality studies scholar. Her research interests include gender and carceral studies, women, media, and popular culture, black social and political thought, and black urban culture. Her work on gender and carceral studies has been published in #Fierce Feminism: Women in the 21st Century: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Kendall Hunt, 2018) and presented at numerous academic conferences. Dr. Ferguson’s doctoral work (Women in Prison Speak: A Case Study of Writing by Incarcerated Women and Their Advocates) examined writings authored by incarcerated women in newsletter publications and scholarly book projects grounded in gender, race, and class analyses. This approach allowed her to tease out their personal, social, and political views, which gave them a voice, and over time their collective voices formed an incarcerated women’s public sphere.

A major goal during her postdoc appointment include a book manuscript focused on how incarcerated women’s advocacy for structural change in the prison and criminal justice system through their media activism fits into a broader, historical discussion of political activism for social change in the United States and the extent to which incarcerated women’s social and political communication are influencing criminal justice policies. Dr. Ferguson has a strong interest in bringing her academic work into alignment with her involvement in social and political action aimed at creating greater justice for African Americans and other marginalized groups and communities. Another goal during the postdoc is to participate in public and community-engaged activities aimed at expanding incarcerated women’s voices, vision, and advocacy for social justice.

Curriculum Vitae