Tamanika Ferguson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D., Howard University

2105 Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 
Dr. Tamanika Ferguson is a University of Maryland President's Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Communication. She earned a doctorate in Communication, Culture and Media Studies with a joint certificate in Women's Studies from Howard University. She also earned a Master's in Africana Studies and Sociology and a Bachelor’s in Africana Studies from the California State University. Dr. Ferguson is a qualitative researcher and is currently working on several research projects, including a journal and book manuscript under the mentorship of Dr. Shawn Parry-Giles. A scholar of the incarcerated women's public sphere, Dr. Ferguson studies communication and media by and about incarcerated women and their feminist allies. She is working on a book manuscript entitled, Coming from The Inside: Women in Prison Speak that examines incarcerated women’s advocacy and media activism.
Dr. Ferguson's interest in women's incarceration builds on her earlier grassroots organizing and non-profit work and personal and family experiences with the juvenile and criminal justice systems in California. She is committed to expanding the voices and stories of imprisoned women to continue the conversation about gender injustices, state accountability, social punishment and policy reforms. She is a yoga practitioner, learning professional, book enthusiast, mentor, feminist and cultural studies pedagogy researcher and aspiring educator from Los Angeles, California. For more on Dr. Ferguson's recent accomplishments, see: https://arhusynergy.umd.edu/news/spotlight-scholarship-and-creative-inquiry.