Tori Mends-Cole


M.A., University of Maryland

2130 Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 

For the past 12 years, I have been teaching communication classes as a part-time adjunct professor across the DMV and I love it.

Currently, I work as a communication manager consultant for the National Institute of Mental Health and the Center for Tobacco Products. My main goals are to help underserved communities access reliable health education and services and change their health behaviors.

Previously, I worked for the American Civil Liberties Union spearheading the organization's brand conformity efforts and a youth education program to teach students about the importance of the Constitution.

You’ll learn a lot about communication in this class. I can’t wait to for us to share stories about our communication successes and…well, some epic fails too!

I am originally from Liberia, West Africa, but I grew up in so many different countries, that I am this awesome (thank you very much!) mix of cultures and worldviews — that’s probably why my graduate degree is in Intercultural Communication. You'll hear all about my roots and the cultural differences that still trip me up to this day. 

ALWAYS contact me through the ELMS mail option and I get your emails faster; I will send a response to emails within 48 hours, but am typically faster. Don’t forget to check your emails and ELMS regularly.