Max Erdemandi

Graduate Student
2130 Skinner Bldg
Professional Interests: 

Max Erdemandi is pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication with a specialization in Communication Science and Social Cognition at the University of Maryland. Max is broadly interested in the underlying communicative and cognitive processes that facilitate intercultural contact through state-sponsored cross-cultural communication, including cultural and educational exchange, public diplomacy, and foreign policy. In this paradigm, his research explores the individual and social outcomes of immersive intercultural experiences such as identity formation and cultural knowledge and narratives; influence and messaging, particularly prejudice and dis/misinformation that could emerge in religious, sociocultural, and political domains of knowledge during intercultural contact; and how combinations of these dynamics could mitigate exposure to radical/extremist narratives, relationships, and ideologies among individuals from different backgrounds. In approaching these topics, Max has a strong preference for quantitative methods. 

A first generation college student, Max holds an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Duke University (2014), and a B.A. in American and Cultural Studies from Hacettepe University (2012). He is also a former U.S. Department of State Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (KLYES) Scholarship recipient. Before his doctoral studies, Max worked as a Sr. Faculty Specialist at the UMD-based National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) and an Associate in Research at Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), conducting federally-funded research on international security, violence and conflict, and preventing and countering extremism and terrorism. In addition to his academic work, he regularly publishes editorials and gives lectures on Turkish electoral politics, domestic-foreign policy nexus, and U.S.-Turkey cooperation in regional security in MENA. Max has bilingual fluency in Turkish, and limited working proficiency in Italian.