Fielding Montgomery

Graduate Student
2130 Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 

Fielding Montgomery is a Communication Ph.D. student in Rhetoric & Political Culture at the University of Maryland. Fielding received his M.A. in Communication at Baylor University. He also received his University Scholars B.A. with concentrations in Communication and Political Science at Baylor. During his Master's work, Fielding gained two years of academic editorial experience.

Fielding's research areas focus on presidential rhetoric and popular culture and where those areas intersect. He has published on these and other topics in academic journal articles, including “The Monstrous Election: Horror Framing in Televised Campaign Advertisements during the 2016 Presidential Election” in Rhetoric & Public Affairs, "Freedom of the Press and Perceptions about Government Corruption" in the International Political Science Review, and "Rogue One: A U.S. Imperialism Story" forthcoming in the Journal of Popular Film & Television.